The GreenHealthcare Programme is an initiative of the Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the National Waste Prevention Programme (NWPP) and the BeGreen umbrella.

The programme’s aim is to prevent waste and reduce costs in Irish Hospitals.

The project is led by the Clean Technology Centre (CTC) at Cork Institute of Technology and has provided another opportunity to utilise the many prevention tools and techniques they have developed in the course of other previous NWPP projects and programmes – and to apply them to this sector.

The GreenHealthcare Programme  (GHCP) has been improving resource efficiency and helping reduce waste and save on costs in healthcare facilities in Ireland since the initial pilot in 2009. GHCP continues to provide direct advice and assistance to the many hospitals who have joined the programme via the detailed waste surveys and follow-up reports, recommendations and customised advice.

The team has now carried out over 100 waste surveys in 37 facilities nationwide, covering over 50% of the acute hospital beds in Ireland, and has achieved some very impressive results.

To download an overview of the Green Healthcare Programme, the work that has been done and the main findings, click here.

Further supports to the whole sector have then been delivered via the many useful resources completed as well as the Green Healthcare Network, facilitated by the programme.

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