Monthly Archives: August 2013

Australian hospital pilot recycles 33,000 lbs (15 tonnes) of PVC waste

A pilot recycling program in Australian hospitals has recycled 33,000 pounds of PVC waste into industrial hoses and non-slip floor mats. The ‘PVC Recovery in Hospitals’ program, sponsored by the Vinyl Council of Australia in collaboration with manufacturers, involves six hospitals in two states, with a further two hospitals in the early stages of implementation. […]

Best Practice Guidance Document on Food Waste Prevention updated

The Green Healthcare Programme has updated its Best Practice Guidance Document on Food Waste Reduction. The document has been updated to include some further information and a revised layout.  You can access the document using the following link: Best Practice on Food Waste Reduction

New Guidance Documents Added

The Green Healthcare Programme has added a number of new guidance documents to the website. These guides are mainly associated with maximising recycling and minimising waste to landfill. A number of worksheets that should help in the assessment of waste in healthcare facilities have also been added. The following guides have been added: Best Practice […]